Nations of the CoLEdit

Primal MeditationEdit

  • Shteric Tribes - The tribes of the first sentiant race, and creators of all others
  • The Leperium - A coalition of races awaiting the second coming of the Great prophet
  • Alpha - An offshoot of the Leperium, Alpha serves the God of the Syil
  • AOSR - A small group of races that strive to protect each other

Prosus CollectivesEdit

  • Ebon - A huge nation of over ten races working together for total unity
  • Sasim Trade Empire - A small union that helps keep peace by trade
  • Velidal - A nature loving race that only interacts with other in times of peril
  • Vampresh Pact - An enigmatic peoples that stay hidden in the darkest part of the galaxy
  • Asillian Empire - A chaotic dictatorship that fell under it's own weight
  • Nabar - A nation that was consumed by the might of Vampresh


  • Kx'Qua - A collection of insectoid races
  • The Syil Horde - Dark beasts seen as a great evil by most others
  • Damons - - -

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