Biographical information
Creation204 w.e.
Physical description
Skin color~Flesh- Tan or pink, usually transluscent

~Armor- Grey, black, brown or green

Affiliation and military information
Affiliation~Early Prosus Alliance



Notable IndividualsNone
[Race Infobox]


Early evolution and ProsusEdit

Being a race of Prosus, their ancestors were not from the planet itself. They originated from a water covered world, with many small islands. On Prosus, it was quite the opposite; The Shteric placed them in large reefed lakes. With help from Ebon, the Asill built GMDs to help them travel between these lakes, and among the land living peoples of Prosus.


Asill are approximately six ft. tall, and they use this size to their advantage, to intimidate enemies. They are in fact one of the largest races in the CoL galaxy.



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